Produced by Kyoritsu Gokin Co., Ltd.& Everloy Shoji Co., Ltd.

Strength points of EVERLOY

Here are five reasons why we have succeeded.

  • ご要望に合わせたカスタム対応


    We supply the best nozzle by technology of designing, and analysis/ evaluation

  • 最適化提案を可能にする解析・評価技術

    Analysis & evaluation

    We expose your issue then suggest the best solution.

  • 超硬合金を使用した高付加価値ノズルの製作

    High functionality nozzles

    We can supply it such long life and so on, because we are also cemented carbide producer

  • 多種多様なノズルのフルラインナップ

    Various kinds of nozzles

    We can suggest the best nozzle from our standard specifications

  • 多岐にわたる業界への60万個/年のノズル

    Annually 600,000 of
    nozzles to various

    We are connecting a lot of customers with expertise

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