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What is a nozzle?
The lecture is to introduce those various multi-usage nozzles.
There are 3 kinds of nozzles. EVERLOY nozzles meet customers' diverse requirements with diverse nozzles.
Single-Fluid Nozzle sprays liquid only. Possible to improve liquid pressure at its maximum. Air Mist Nozzle sprays liquid and air mixed. Spray light mist. Air Nozzle sprays air only. Dryness, dehydration with strong air.
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about Single-Fluid Nozzles
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Choose material by working pressure and fluid. Other Materials are also available:
Brass :  For spray pressure below 1 MPa
Stainless steel :  For corrosive liquid while spray pressure below 3 MPa
Tungsten carbide :  For spray pressure below 70 MPa
Ceramics :  For corrosive liquid
Titanium :  For corrosive liquid
Plastics :  For corrosive liquid
Currently used in the following fields. Potential use expected further more.
Iron Steel Electronics Incineration plants Paper making
Printing Oil burner Air blow Effect Making
EVERLOY nozzle can be used in all kinds of fields.
Its less maintenance burden, long product life, ability to carry through the flow and high quality has earned high reputation.
Cooling :  Cooling nozzle
Washing :  Washing nozzle, nozzle for internal container cleaning
Cutting :  Edge cutting
Dryness :  Half-dryness nozzle, dewatering nozzle
Wetting :  Wetting nozzle
Shell :  Iron works washing nozzle
Spread :  Mist nozzle, in unction nozzle
Others :  Defoaming, deodorization nozzle, sterilization nozzle