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Those who provide personal info to the site shall be served.
Personal info here refers to names, address, email address, telephone/fax which shall identify customer.
The site uses all personal information with specific purpose, and won't use those information under any other intentions.
Site Policy
With all respect of human rights and law, Kyoritsu Gokin Group understands the important of personal information and does its best to protect users’ privacy bases on following items:
Before use, user understand information use purpose and can only be used under this Purpose.
Protect personal information from leakiness under the strict information security policy.
Shall only provide the information to the third partner under law or personal authorization.
All employee received proper training to promote information protection intension.
1 Feb. 2005
Kyoritsu gokin Co., Ltd.
EVERLOY Shoji Co., Ltd.
Terms of personal information use in Kyoritsu Gokin Group
1. Purpose
Kyoritsu Gokin Group will keep and gather personal information (name, company name, title, address, telephone, email, etc.) for following purpose:
  - Reply for information inquiry, consultant, discussion, and troubleshooting
- Exhibition guide, products service design and sales
- Contact and reply in sales
- Contract fulfillment
- Recruitment and employee management
Any intension beyond above shall publicize or inform party before use.
2. Associated use
All branches of Kyoritsu Gokin Group shall keep or gather all or part personal information together under the terms of certain purpose.
3. Query, update and discontinuance of personal information
All branches of Kyoritsu Gokin Group shall reply properly and under the law for any query, update and discontinuance issues related to personal information.
* The promotion room of the Administrative Division in Kyoritsu gokin Co., Ltd. hears the inquiry concerning personal information.(Phone: 0795-73-0026).