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Ever since its establishment, EVERLOY has been producing and selling cemented carbide and spray nozzles, and built up today's foundation by the developmental and technological power.
From now on, technical innovation and international competition will make the environment around EVERLOY more severe. But, however severely the environment changes, EVERLOY responds to the change and continues to advance with the eminent power of technology and development and with the foresight. EVERLOY will continue to advance.
Company Name Kyoritsu Gokin Co., Ltd.
Establish-ment 15 May, 1938
Scope of Business EVERLOY are organized for the manufacture and sale of Cemented carbide tools, spray nozzles, special machine for filter and press
Location Head Office
Postal Code(zip) : 663-8211
12-16 Imazu-yamanaka-cho, Nishinomiya, Hyogo-pref.
Kaibara Works
   Nozzle Division
Postal Code(zip) : 669-3313
130-3 Kitayama, Kaibara-cho, Tamba, Hyogo-pref.
TEL : +81-795-72-3374
FAX : +81-795-72-3376
Kaibara Works
   Cemented carbide Division
Postal Code(zip) : 669-3315
100-1 Ohniya, Kaibara-cho, Tamba, Hyogo-pref.
General Distributor Everloy Shoji Co., Ltd.
   Overseas Sales Department
Postal Code(zip) : 553−0002
2-24, 4-chome, sagisu, Fukushima-ku, Osaka
TEL : +81-6-6452-2273
FAX : +81-6-6452-2187
Everloy Shoji Co., Ltd.
   Shanghai Representative Office
Room 1707, No.345, Xian-Xia Road, Chang-Nimg District, Shanghai, China 200336
TEL : +86-21-5206-9733
FAX : +86-21-5206-9755
Subsidiary Company Tokai Gokin Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Postal Code(zip) : 489−0979
236-1, Bougane-cho, Seto, Aichi-pref.
Sales network
Nozzle Division
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