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Introduce nozzles used in steel field, like nozzle for cokes oven, CCM, surface treatment use, etc.

process 1. Iron-making process 2. Steel-making process 3. Rolling process 4. Surface treatment process
Nozzle use Coke oven cover cleaning
Ammonia spray
Blast furnace top watering
Cooling of torpedo car
Converter cooling
Secondary cooling of CCM
Roll cooling of CCM
Roll cooling
Roll tarpaulin
Zero spangle
EGL cleaning
Nozzle name Straight jet nozzle
Liquid Ammonia Spray Nozzle
Oval Spray Nozzle
Full-cone Nozzle
Air Mist Nozzle
Air Mist Nozzle
Flat Spray Nozzle
Oval Spray Nozzle
Wide flat nozzle
Thickening Flat Spray Nozzle
Full-cone Nozzle
Descaling Nozzle
Oval Spray Nozzle
Flat Spray nozzle
Pneumatic Atomizing Nozzle
  PV type

Self-cleaning Nozzles
Pneumatic Atomizing Nozzle
  SK type
EVERLOY Descaling Nozzles is suitable for Hot rolling of steel materials including sheets, plates and bars.
Wide range flowrate is controlled and adjustable on the valve at hand.
Apply to steel sheet cooling, secondary cooling of CCM, roll cooling, hot coil cooling, and also all kinds of washing.
Apply to roll cooling, steel sheet cooling, secondary cooling of CCM and all kinds of washing.
Suitable for forced cooling of steel sheet and flange cooling of H beam.
They are used for zero spangle spray purpose in CGL. Various models are available such as with flow adjustable valve, clogging free type and with on/off valve.
Fits to the cooling of various high temperature gas and heat treatment of steel plates, pipes and metal parts.
Apply to steel plate cooling, continual secondary cooling of CCM and cooling. And also apply to all kinds of washing, cooling tower spray and washing of eliminator.
Self-cleaning nozzles are used for cell treatment of EGL. These are quite suitable for preventing nozzles from clogging.
Suitable for roll cooling, steel sheet cooling, secondary cooling of CCM and all kinds of washing.
They are used to prevent dust inside coke oven.