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Water Distribution Measurement Device

The density distribution of fluid sprayed or misted from a nozzle is highly variable. In a normal setting, this distribution is set through pressure, flow rate, spray area, etc., but some nozzles do not allow for uniform widthwise density. In cases where a high level of uniformity is required, it becomes necessary to verify the water distribution.

To measure when using a fixed distance, spray pressure, and multiple nozzles, we spray a specific sized acrylic container for a set amount of time after setting the nozzle pitch. The sensors register the water levels within the container, adjustments are made based on margins of error, and we create a number value for water distribution.


We are able to verify the water distribution uniformity by using a Two-Fluid Nozzle with a spray pattern made from mixing water and air and lowering the amount of water by approx. 14 times the normal amount.

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