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Impact Force Distribution Evaluation Equipment

A jet spray has its own unique strength, and impacts the target object. When using spray nozzles for cleaning or peeling, the impact force or fluctuations in that force can have a big impact on the functionality of the nozzle.

The Impact Force Distribution Evaluation Equipment continually scans a jet spray using a pressure sensor, allowing us to find out the impact force distribution.

Impact Force Distribution Evaluation Equipment Image

A belt with debris is cleaned using a spray. On the left is a pre-optimized spray that overlaps, and on first glance, it appears that there are no problems. But we can verify that there is actually a gap, leaving behind some debris. On the right is the optimized spray. After analyzing the impact force distribution, the spray pattern was changed from a convex shape to a trapezoidal shape, and the distribution was adjusted so as to not leave any gaps, solving the problem of the remaining debris.

This example shows how a problem can be solved by changing the nozzle to one that has an adjusted distribution without having to change the position of the piping.

Impact Force Distribution Evaluation Equipment Example Image

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